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Fredric's catastrophic battle after surviving his near-death experience and recovering from his injuries, he begins to lose hope in God, others and himself. Yet he tried to ignore the pain he couldn't run away from it. He starts to formulate questions that he's looking for answers to. But he finds out the reality of the answers are too hard to accept, so he decides to rebel against life. Through his struggle, he learns how to Overcome the Scars. We don't realize how strong we are until God allows us to go through our test.

"Fredric Almond shouldn't be alive; a veteran homicide detective will tell you. Instead, he should be a casualty--one more murder statistic chalked up to the violent neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles."

With a will to live, he refused to die. He was stabbed thirty-nine times, and he forgave. The scars that were developed due to a burglary were meant to kill his very existence of living life but he refused to die. His help came from God. He lives with a conviction to inspire others by telling his story of the forgiveness. Unite with author Fredric A. Almond in reading this inspirational book of overcoming the depth of trials by being physically and mentally challenged in fighting for hope and fulfillment for life. God is waiting on us to speak out in action in what our scars really are; scars are blessings in disguise that gives us the aspiration to live. Through God's workmanship in us, we have been Scarred for Life!


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Scarred for Life Ministries

"Allow your scars to be used as inspiration to fulfill life."