"Allow your scars to be used as inspiration to fulfill life."

Fredric A. Almond is an award winning Author, Minister, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Football and Basketball Coach, and works heavily within the community. He has volunteered at the Juvenile Detention Center in Newport News / Hampton for over 6 years, spoken at middle and high schools, universities, churches, Victims of Crime Organizations and other venues. As a survivor of a traumatic event that occurred Labor Day night, 1984, he’s determined to pursue after life and prove that God is able to turn a horrific situation into a blessing. Once he forgave the man that killed his mother and stabbed him thirty-nine times, his life has never been the same. With such conviction and gratitude for life, he is inspired to tell his testimony to the nations.

Fredric is happily married for over 22 years, with four blessed children, an Army Disabled Veteran, works as a Supervisory Human Resource Coordinator for the US Army, and an author of books: Scarred for Life: Stabbed thirty-nine times and forgave, and Scarred for Life: Overcoming the Scars, and working on his third book. He’s been interviewed on the Trinity Broadcast Network, The 700 Club, I Survived, The Miracle Channel, “Let’s Pray!” on Hope TV and other television and radio shows. He is a graduate at Saint Leo University with an AA in Liberal Arts and a BA in Business Administration, specializing in management. He currently speaks at the early morning church service every Sunday at Beulah Tabernacle Christian Outreach Ministry in Newport News.

On the night of September 3rd, 1984, Fredric’s life was drastically changed. In the midst of overcoming the attacks of a burglar killing his mother and stabbing him thirty-nine times at the age of eleven, he was broken hearted and destined for ruins. From the outside looking in, it seemed that he upheld a conquer attitude but within he was shipwrecked. Instead of valuing his life as being special, he saw it as a curse. Because of this traumatic night, he began to rebel against life. He was afraid to face failure, defeat, shame, and moving on from the hurts but remained in bondage for several years attempting to ignore the challenges he couldn’t run away from. He housed many unanswered questions, “Why me, what did I do to deserve this, God are you mad at me, is my life already over before it really gets started, will I ever wake up from this nightmare?”

God changed my heart. He gave me the aspiration to forgive the man that killed my mother. Through forgiveness, God set me free and gave me an urgency within to inspire others. I now live my life with expectation of the next door the Lord wants me to go through. Type your paragraph here.


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